You can be assured that we have plans in place to respond to the various types of emergencies that might arise during the school day. Your child’s safety and welfare are our first and most important priorities.

We know that if you learn of some emergency involving the school or the local area, you become worried and concerned about your child. While your first reaction might be to come to school and pick up your child, please try to resist doing that.

Do not rush to school to pick up your child and please do not telephone the office. We need to keep the phone lines free for emergency communications, and we will need to focus our every effort on keeping all of the students safe. Here is how we will keep you informed:

            + via emails

            + updates on Facebook (Hope Lutheran Church and Christian School)

We will let you know when we have resolved the situation and it is safe for you come and pick up your child. However, please remember that we will only release your child to an individual already listed on the emergency contact form.


Protective actions we will take, depending on the emergency:

Immediate evacuation: Students will be evacuated to a safe area on Hope’s grounds in the event of a fire or other building related incident.

In-place Sheltering: A sudden occurrence may dictate that taking cover inside the building may be the best choice.

Lockdown: If there is a threat of violence that could jeopardize the safety of the students, they will be locked in the classroom and the building will be secured.

Off-Campus Evacuation: Total evacuation of the facility may be necessary if there is danger in the area. If this is necessary, the students will be taken to our chosen relocation site at Haines Road Baptist Church.

Modified Operation: This may include cancellation/postponement/rescheduling of normal activities. This may happen if there are building problems that make it unsafe to have students here.