While the academic work in middle school becomes more challenging, the teachers and staff work hard to establish an atmosphere where your child will feel comfortable and secure. Teachers strive to learn all they can about each child so they can provide either enrichment or remedial help in individual areas of interest or need. Students are taught to respect teachers, staff members and fellow classmates. All students are encouraged and assisted to work up to their fullest potential.

Middle school is a transitioning time; it’s a time when elementary students bridge that gap between childhood and high school. More will be expected of them. Class work becomes more difficult. Students are tasked with more individual responsibilities. But the goal is to always achieve these results in a way that helps the student grow, not become more frustrated. However, if you notice that your child in becoming overwhelmed by some of these new responsibilities, be sure to make that known to the teacher.

Students will make some academic and recreational field trips, and although they are planned to enhance classroom studies, they are also a good way to promote fellowship and class unity. Each class will prepare and lead one of the weekly chapel services during the school year.

Parents of middle school students receive an infSAM 2107ormational packet each week which will include classroom/homework papers marked by the teacher as well as grades for each academic area (beginning with the third week of each quarter). This helps parents to stay current on their child’s progress.